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Many large organizations expend countless resources each year on various operational initiatives (reorganization, process automation, and upgrades) without a full understanding as to how the initiative will move the organization toward it's core mission. The Operational Alignment System allows an organization to document the core strategy of the organization and relate each new operational initiative back to a strategy; ensuring that focus is given to initiatives that will forward a strategic objective.

Example: "To open new sales channels in Mexico" (Strategy) --> "Increase Widget Master product sales in Mexico by 10%" (Goal) --> "Translate Widget Master website to Spanish" (Initiative).

Core Functionality:

  • Tracking of relationships between organizational strategic objectives, operational goals, and initiatives (programs or projects)

  • Documentation of measures to be used when evaluating goals

  • Tracking of ongoing status and assignment of responsibility for initiatives

Current Stage: Production  Technology: ASP.NET -- MySQL




a place where developers from around the world can share their own patterns and solutions to common product features and functionality

Core Functionality:

  • a searchable community catalog of system models

  • an online system modeler tool for creating private models or models to be shared with the community

Current Stage: Pre-Launch / Development  Technology: ASP.NET -- MySQL




a general checklist application with extended features for custom data collection, list sharing, and community templates.

Core Functionality:

  • creating templates of reusable checklists which can be later used to collect data by selected participants

  • catalog of user submitted checklists

Current Stage: Pre-Launch / Development Technology: ASP.NET -- MySQL