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Welcome to XGEN Applications

a consulting company dedicated to offering innovative and cost-effective software development services. From software development team to product development and project management services, we provide an all-inclusive service to both medium and small software development businesses.

With several projects under our belts, we have been privileged to work with a wide range of startups in different industries rendering SaaS development and mobile apps development services. We also boast a working experience with general development firms and US government agencies. These have given us the needed depth of experience that assures maximum professionalism no matter your project needs.


How do I save my project?

At XGEN Applications, we understand that projects, especially software development projects, go wrong for a wide range of reasons. This may include:

  • Losing sight of objectives

  • Incorrect team hiring

  • Misunderstanding the software industry,

  • A lot more

But then, dwelling on these issues won’t solve the problems at hand. To save your project, it’ s time to hire a PROFESSIONAL.


Consulting Areas

XGEN Application provides an all-inclusive software development service to all your small-medium scale business needs. To better understand how we help with each service, bellow is a list of service we offer.


We understand that hiring the right people for your organization or project team is pivotal to ensuring success. Therefore, XGEN taps into its industry experience and pool of expert developers to help you develop a project team of freelancers who boast the needed skill set to ensure positive result with project execution.

We offer a perfect blend of core business personnel, right freelance resources and effective timing to ensure a cost-effective approach from start to finish.

PRODUCTS Development

We offer a professional product development service that covers both product development and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) implementations, ensuring we help bring your ideas and vision into actual products ready for market testing and refining for business success.

We can integrate with your existing team to help make product development a lot faster, cost-effective and result-driven.


As a business startup, maintaining the focus, goal, and creativity of the team is usually easy. However, how do you achieve this when you get bigger? A multi-year strategic business plan that works!

XGEN Applications provides you with a reliable team that studies your organization’s vision, goal, and mission to help come up with a plan that showcases the overall vision to all aspects of your organization while still allowing each unique area to push themselves toward that common goal.


Having a concrete pan goes a long way in ensuring maximum success with any project. We provide custom project planning and management services for software development cycles ranging from small mobile applications to large-scale, multi-platform enterprise systems.

We are capable of planning and executing projects under multiple disciplines such as traditional PMBOK as well as various Agile methodologies


As time goes by, there may come the need to hire more hands. But then, how will you teach your new team how you like it done and how long will this take?

With this service, XGEN Application helps to come up with a collection of lean, repeatable processes that helps reduce your team on-boarding times while helping your board see that you know what you are doing. So, whether you need to expand your staff base or you need an audit, we have just the right team to help you.


Software projects don’t always go as planned for different reasons which may involve the framework used or development team hired. XGEN Applications offer a rescue service that helps you get back on track with projects that have gone out of control.

During this service, we assess your project in its entirety (i.e., timeline, issues, and risks) and recommend the best possible recovery approach - taking over project execution completely, if needed.


With increase in the need of your service, you may want to utilize an entirely different team structure or build a larger data center with the proper change controls to ensure maximum up-time.

XGEN can help you establish effective agreements and shared processes between your development teams and your data centers for improved efficiency when releasing code without compromising on the service availability your clients desire.



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