XGEN Applications


How we can help


We specialize in rapid development and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) implementations with the end goal of getting your idea to market as quickly as possible to begin market testing and refining your idea for success. Depending on the structure of your startup, we can be your build and implementation team or even join your business as a full technology partner.


In the first few years of a new business the vision, goals, and objectives are very easy to define and the team is small and focused. What happens when you get a bit bigger? How will you keep larger teams, autonomous divisions, or multiple product lines from competing for resources? Above all, how do you retain that creative, innovative spark of that small circle with a burning mission? The answer is through a multi-year strategic plan that everyone can believe in. A plan that relays the overall vision to all corners of the organization while still allowing each unique area to push themselves toward that common goal. We love this part! Let us help you bring that excitement into your team!


We write software too. A LOT of software, using the best development minds from around the world. if you need to create a proof-of-concept product or demo, we can do that. If you need to develop a complex enterprise system using a global, 24-hr team for development and testing, we can do that too.



We provide custom project planning and management services for software development cycles ranging from small mobile applications to large-scale, multi-platform enterprise systems. Our project managers are capable of planning and executing projects under multiple disciplines such as traditional PMBOK as well as various Agile methodologies.


Many founding teams have a single focus on getting to market or rapid growth - and that is great. At some point your close-knit band of technology pirates may need to take on additional crew. How will you teach them your team processes and how you like it done? How long will that take?  Whether your client base has outgrown your team footprint and you need to expand or you are being asked to demonstrate your processes and capabilities for due diligence or a board audit, we are here to help you build a collection of lean, repeatable processes to reduce your team on-boarding times and help your board see that you know what you are doing.


We can provide project postmortem and closeout services to evaluate a project (successful or not) and determine where things went well and how to repeat that success and where things went not-so-well and what lessons the organization can learn for the next project. We can also provide Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) services for projects starting up or already in full swing.


Software projects don't always execute as planned and project contracts don't always deliver as expected. We can help you recover an out of control project by either assessing the current state of the project (time line, issues, and risks) and recommending a recovery approach or taking over project execution completely.


When you get to the point where people rely on your team or your service, you may need a much different team structure and maybe some new rules for how you play the game. You may have started with a one-person operation where your developers controlled the production environment; but inevitably you will need to work with or run your own large data center with change controls to ensure maximum up time. Let us help you establish agreements and shared processes between your development teams and your data centers for optimum efficiency when releasing code while maintaining the service availability your clients desire.


We provide business analysis and process modeling services to help you surface clear, testable requirements before or during the product development stage of your project plan. We can also conduct quick assessments to surface risks or aid in valuation and budgeting of projects prior to kick-off or proposal.